Tips to Turn a Small Room Into a Grand Living Space

tips for designing small rooms

In the final post on my series on interior design for older homes, let's look at interior design tips for small rooms. My elegant dining room, pictured below, makes use of every surface to create drama and sophistication, but for many homeowners, creating this kind of impact in a small room can be a design challenge. Smaller rooms can have just as much … [Read more...]

How to Saturate Your Home Interiors with Bold Colors

playroom copy

Take a look at what you're wearing today. Does your outfit pop with color? Now take a look at your home interiors. Are your favorite colors reflected in this space, too? If not, it's time to explore the options and create a harmonious living space with bolder colors that paint the story of who you are. Selecting Your Color Palette Choosing a single, … [Read more...]

Designing the Dream Kitchen: A Look at My Modern Renovation

Designing the Dream Kitchen A Look at My Modern Renovation-after

I believe that when you own a home, it should be a place that you absolutely love. The following kitchen project shows a transformation that took our client’s ordinary kitchen from drab to fab. This particular renovation was all about creating a logical layout that was still flexible and full of style. Areas of improvement included lighting, … [Read more...]