Add Character to Your Home with Patterned Flooring

A large part of interior design is achieving the right proportions. Scale and proportionality have a huge impact on the way a room feels and how you interact within. Sometimes making just small tweaks to the relative size of items can make a place feel entirely more balanced and inviting. As you embark on your … Read more: 4 Ways to Plan the Right Proportions for Your Interior Design Project

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Your coffee table should be more than a place to set your magazines and beverages. It should be a stylish centerpiece within your living room – a piece of decor that calls attention to itself and pulls the rest of your look together. Decorate your coffee tables appropriately to ensure it achieves this goal with … Read more: How to Style a Fabulous Coffee Table For Your Living Room


On June 16, the unveiling of the Chrisicos Interiors design showroom to a select audience was received as a smashing success. Guests were able to view design inspiration from furniture to giftware, including the premiere of Custom by Chrisicos. Some of our accessories, like these jewel toned glass vases with faux tortoise shell bowl, were … Read more: Chrisicos Interior Design Showroom Premieres

An Occasion for Style: Picking Out an Occasional Table

Small accent tables can make a lovely addition to your dining or living room. From wood to glass-topped, these tables come in many styles. They range in sizes from eight-inch stands just large enough for a single glass to larger surfaces that hold everything from periodicals to flower bouquets. When picking an accent table, consider … Read more: Pick the Perfect Accent Table for Any Style and Occasion

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An attractive floor sets the backdrop for the room’s interior design and Bolon is a flooring brand that we at Chrisicos Interiors recommend for many of our projects. This innovative Swedish flooring company creates beautiful textile flooring materials. They’ve won numerous awards, including the Red Dot Design Award, Design S Award, and Mixology Product of the Year. … Read more: Use Bolon Flooring in Your Next Boston Interior Design Project


The way you light your home has a profound effect on its overall look. From the brightness you choose to where the lights are placed, lighting your home takes a bit of planning and thought. Here are four strategies to guide you in the right direction: Use multiple layers of light. Include ambient lighting from … Read more: 4 Useful Tips to Light Your Home Right