Living room with leather couch

Leather is known not only for its beauty, but its durability. This simple yet luxurious material can be used in so many ways in transitional designs. If you are considering designing with leather for your next home project, here are some creative ideas. In The Kitchen Soft, supple leather is making its way into kitchen … Read more: How to Design Using Leather in Your Transitional Home

Source: Chrisicos Interiors

Even when you hire full design services in Boston, good interior design results emerge from collaboration between the designer and the client. Here are some elements that I try to emphasize when dealing with my clients at Chrisicos Interiors: Determine your communication mode – Email has taken the center stage as the number one communication channel, but don’t … Read more: How to Communicate Your Ideas With an Interior Designer

Living Room

When discussing interior design, the word “contemporary” is used by both experts and the uninformed. But what does contemporary style really mean? Rather than one specific look, contemporary style encompasses a wide array of design motifs and elements developed throughout the later half of the 20th century — and of course, the 21st century. What … Read more: What Does Contemporary Style Really Mean?

Luxury Throw on Bed

You want the best for your next interior design project and that includes the accents and extras. Ultra luxury lap blankets are perfect for adding elegance to any living room or bedroom. Choosing the best ultra luxury lap blankets. Cashmere lap blankets are the premier choice. Offering a soft, smooth texture that feels wonderful against … Read more: Dress Up Your Boston Home with Ultra Luxury Lap Blankets

Blue Tao Lounge Chair

If you’re looking for stylish seating to add to your transitional home, the Tao lounge chair is a lovely choice. It invokes memories of a Duralee piece used in a recent project. I love how its sophisticated style integrates with a transitional living space. The way that the Tao lounge chair uses negative space between … Read more: Bring the Tao Lounge Chair into your Transitional Home

'Circus' by Gessica Silverman - Square-ish

If you’re looking for a stunning way to transform your space, consider working with a designer to create an interior design inspired by art. Works of art have an ability to evoke powerful emotions, and when you incorporate them into your space, the entire room seems to come alive. If you are an art enthusiast … Read more: Look to Art for Inspriation for Your Boston Interior Design