Interior Design Advice at the Boston Design Market

Interior Design Advice at the Boston Design Market

One of the major events at Boston Design Market this season was a presentation by Gary McBournie. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend his presentation entitled 20x20xDesign. The concept behind the presentation was 20 slides, for which Gary had 20 seconds per slide to discuss the image. The result was a fast-paced, exciting journey through his … [Read more...]

Artistry Meets Innovation: Benefits of Porcelain Tile

Artistry Meets Innovation Benefits of Porcelain Tile

During the first week of October, I had the privilege to attend the Boston Design Market, where we attended several workshops and lectures to learn more about the latest trends in decorating and design. One of the lectures I attended focused on the latest porcelain tile trends and the benefits of porcelain tile. I'm proud to pass our thoughts on that … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Barry Dixon’s Presentation at Boston Design Center

Thoughts on Barry Dixon's Presentation at Boston Design Center

At a presentation at the Boston Design Center on Dec. 3, Barry Dixon talked about how the elements earth, air, fire, and water inspired his design themes. With his broad  range of clients and styles from contemporary to traditional, Dixon takes his Virginia upbringing to blend Western styles with worldly influences. He looks at design from … [Read more...]