As the type and amount of light present in your home changes, so does the way you perceive the colors in your decor. The New England seasons are changing, and the amount of natural light that streams into your home will change too. In order to ensure you choose paint colors that look beautiful and … Read more: Painting Your Home? See How Light Affects Your Color Choice

Sunbrella - upholstery

Your outdoor living space should be a place where you feel vibrant and connected to nature. Follow these tips for designing an outdoor space that’s both functional and attractive. Create texture and dimension. If you don’t use a variety of colors, patterns and textures in your outdoor design, it will feel plain and flat. Take … Read more: Create a Stunning Outdoor Space With Sunbrella Fabrics

Table with lamp and book

Books give any room a warm, inviting appeal. Stacked neatly on a coffee table, books give guests some insight into your interests and add a personalized touch. As an award-winning interior designer, I have always enjoyed decorating with books and using them in my photo shoots. It’s invigorating to discover new ways to incorporate my … Read more: Incorporate Books Into Your Boston Home Decor

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Hiring the right interior designer not only guarantees your home will be decorated according to your preferences, but it also guarantees the process is smoother and more enjoyable. Look for these qualities, which indicate an interior designer is top-notch in the trade. Enthusiasm: Hire a designer who is excited to work with you and transform … Read more: How to Spot a Great Interior Designer

Coral Pillow

Beach decor does not have to look kitschy or tacky. Elegant beach decor, which incorporates elements of the coast with more elegant patterns and colors, is gaining popularity in interior design. One of the hallmarks of this decorating scheme is coral — both the color and the natural pattern. The Color Coral Coral has a … Read more: Elegant Beach Decor: Designing With Coral-Inspired Details


Lighting is one of the most important elements of interior design, but it’s not just where the lighting is placed that matters — it is also the fixtures from which it emerges. When decorating with lamps, it’s important to choose a lamp shade that conveys the proper sense of balance. Keep these transitional home design … Read more: How to Pick Lampshades for Your Transitional Home