Custom Headboards for Personalized, Luxury Interior Design

Custom interior design allows you to surround yourself in an environment that is comforting and relaxing. Of all the rooms in the home, the bedroom is where you will feel the impact of the experience the most.

By utilizing custom headboards alongside textures and patterns in your bedding, you can turn your bedroom decor into an extension of your personality. Chrisicos Interiors

The organic feel of this room is enhanced by the rich color and texture of the bedding. This creates a seamless appearance wherein the bedspread appears to flow naturally from the headboard. Chrisicos Interiors

Custom elements such as this butterscotch headboard provide a pleasant contrast between the cream colored walls and bedspread. These features are gently contrasted by the rich white lampshade and the beautifully curved chair. Chrisicos Interiors

Sometimes the best statement is the one that is nearly silent. Here, you can see how the headboard is quietly paired with the drapes and carpet. The short height of the headboard causes it to fade into the background amid the other features in the room.

When you are ready to experience genuine luxury and comfort in your bedroom, give Chrisicos Interiors a call at 617-699-9462.