The Transformational Effect of Well-Appointed Rooms

“Before” Source: Chrisicos Interiors.

The well-appointed room is about creating the perfect ambiance, capturing a style in its entirety, giving a room a purpose, impeccable accessorizing, and achieving the coveted “wow” factor. Designing a well-appointed room is about all of the elements of good interior design coming together.

For example, this before-and-after project pictured to the right and below captures the transformational effect that well-appointed decor can have. In this interior design project, the style is traditional, and the feeling we were after is elegance. The architectural elements were custom additions to elevate this front-of-the-house, formal dining room into a more substantial and elegant room.

We selected a Benjamin Moore paint with the right shade of white and the perfect sheen to contrast with metallic silvers and golds, a nod to traditional elegance. Carefully and thoughtfully selected accessories on the server reflect this color theme, as well as the custom, silvered ceiling medallion.

The family heirloom mirror was reinvigorated with a silvered process on the metal corners (in addition to the ceiling medallion). I do not often apply my own faux painting techniques to one of our creations but made an exception for this warm and inviting room.

The Phillip Jeffries, metallic gold, Asian-influenced wall covering is actually composed of handcrafted, sliced woods from the “Good Luck” tree. The wood mosaic wall covering adds a stunning background to the room with textural interest.

Supporting the metallic palette, an aqua-colored, custom window treatment (reflected in the antique mirror) also plays to the Asian design scheme with a cornice, which draws the eye up and makes the room appear higher and more spacious. The custom, Asian-influenced silk arrangement on the table completes our vision of a well-appointed dining room.

A professional interior designer has a trained eye and a wealth of experience to help you design a well-appointed room. Contact me today at 617-699-9462 to start a decorating plan and interior design consultation to create a home of well-appointed rooms.

well-appointed room
“After” Source: Chrisicos Interiors.