Benefits of Drapery Panel Decor, the Love of My Life

Drapery panels are the frame to a room, the final touch for a polished look and the love of my life. These flowing additions not only provide practical interior design solutions to a space but also make grand statements; they can be the difference between a pretty room and a well-appointed room.

When it comes to decorating with drapery panels, the materials you choose are just as important as the way you choose to use the finished pieces. By thoughtfully selecting the length, opacity, pattern, color, weight, and texture of drapery panels, you can reap the benefits of one of my favorite items to design with.

The process begins by choosing the right colors and patterns. Subtle patterns in drapery can pick up colors used throughout the room, which in turn creates a cohesive feel and appearance like this living room pictured below. The project pictured also shows that you don’t have to choose between window treatments; instead, you can layer them and have multiple ways to control the natural light in a room (as I’ve done by layering drapery panels over window shutters).

decorating with drapery panels
Notice how the drapery panels here pick up the hues in the pillows, rug, art, and other accessories. Source: Chrisicos Interiors.

Drapery panels can also be used to create privacy within your home while still allowing light inside. By incorporating sheer drapery panels, you’ll allow enough natural light to illuminate the room as in this example below that’s been paired with the organic, contemporary lighting from Stone Gate Designs.

Sheer Panels
The sheer panels here allow just enough light in so that the light fixtures still have room to illuminate the space and cast soft, romantic shadows. Source: Chrisicos Interiors.

In this final photo below, I’ve also utilized sheer panels in a layered window treatment so the homeowners have the option of a light layer of privacy when they want to let more light in. In addition, these drapes (in cream, white and charcoal colors matched to the area rug) showcase the dramatic, high ceilings. These colors sweep all the way from the floor up to the ceiling, which draws your attention towards the custom silver-glazed ceiling medallion and roping.

drapery panels on high ceilings
By allowing your panels to start from the ceiling and fall all the way to the floor, you can emphasize the height of a room. Source: Chrisicos Interiors.

If your drapery panels aren’t providing all of the functional and aesthetic solutions to really showcase your rooms, then let’s talk today. For assistance with your interior design projects and window treatments, contact Chrisicos Interiors at 617-699-9462, and we will gladly offer you our professional interior design services in Boston.