How Knockoff Purchases Harm Luxury Interior Design

Luxury interior design is a combination of class and flair that you appreciate for the way it makes you feel. It’s about reflecting your personality in an authentic way that people notice and respect. When it comes to the elements you use to accomplish the look and feel you desire, it’s important to remember to respect the authenticity of the pieces you use.

When shopping for everything from floor coverings to wall hangings, use only authentic pieces purchased from licensed manufacturers. Purchasing knockoffs takes away from the original’s inherent value and diminishes the visionary, talented efforts that went into creating them.

Wikimedia Commons
Le Corbusier. Source: Wikimedia Commons.
Phillippe Starck. Source: Wikipedia.

Designers like Le Corbusier created the foundation that designers like Philippe Starck continue. The men and women involved in pushing visionary, luxury interior design to the next level make their living from their creations. Thus, purchasing knockoffs hinders their efforts and takes away from their ability to push the envelopes even further into the future.

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