How to Saturate Your Home Interiors with Bold Colors

decorating with bold colors
Neutrals allow bold colors to really pop and create color harmony throughout your home. Source: Chrisicos Interiors.

Take a look at what you’re wearing today. Does your outfit pop with color? Now take a look at your home interiors. Are your favorite colors reflected in this space, too? If not, it’s time to explore the options and create a harmonious living space with bolder colors that paint the story of who you are.

Selecting Your Color Palette

Choosing a single, bold color for your home can be difficult if you have a long list of favorites. So first, quickly write down the colors you absolutely dislike. Take these colors out of the running, and take a look at what’s left.

Staying open to the many possibilities, take a deep breath and visualize the options. Consider the colors that most excite you, the colors that make you feel calm in the bedroom and energized in the kitchen and the colors you’ll love not only today but also for years to come.

Applying Bold Colors

Upholstery is a great place to start when pinning down your signature, bold color, but strong, saturated colors can also be carried through accessories, artwork, trim and architectural details, painted furniture, and window treatments.

In order to really make your color choices pop, the key is moderation. In the pictured interior design project, I used a strong indigo color from Benjamin Moore. Although the color is repeated in multiple places, it’s used sparingly in the custom, built-in cabinet (which has a slim, tall layout to help downplay the color) and at the child’s table. I selected a different saturated color, the stripe in the area rug, for symmetry and balance. As my fearless client learned, there’s no reason to be fearful of bold colors!

Creating Harmony With Color

If you really want to be adventurous with color, you can even apply a different, dominant color to each room. However, not many homes can carry a variety of rich colors, so find an entrance where you can view as many rooms as possible to test your color palette. 

To create harmony between rooms with bold color choices, the trick is to use a base color. Keep your trim in a standard white or off-white hue, and use soothing neutrals as a base color that can act as a common thread throughout your home.

At Chrisicos Interiors, we specialize in creating tranquil, well-appointed spaces with bold colors. Send me a message online or call me at 617-699-9462 to schedule a color consultation for your Boston home.