Tips to Turn a Small Room Into a Grand Living Space

In the final post on my series on interior design for older homes, let’s look at interior design tips for small rooms. My elegant dining room, pictured below, makes use of every surface to create drama and sophistication, but for many homeowners, creating this kind of impact in a small room can be a design challenge.

Smaller rooms can have just as much “wow factor” as huge spaces; all they need is a focal point, as well as depth with the right colors, patterns and textures. With planning, you can have big style on a small scale.

The ceiling in the dining room, pictured below, is a unique, faux painted surface that resembles a metal ceiling. The swirling pattern creates a romantic, dramatic focal point in this sophisticated room.

The use of faux painting can look dated, but it works here because it highlights the high ceilings in this small space. Again, the moody colors complement the wall treatment and fabrics and also link to the artwork in this gem of a tiny room.

Mixed patterns and metallics (notice the gold ceiling fixture and the silver vases) create contrast and direct the eye in every direction. With so much to see and touch, the room appears richer and fuller.

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Texture and pattern both play a big part in my home, from the dramatic drapes and host chairs to the mixture of subtle prints and oversized, traditional patterns in the dining room. Source: Chrisicos Interiors.