Functional and Aesthetic Storage Solutions for Interiors

modern storage ideas
The variety of storage spaces in this custom piece offer functional and design solutions. Source: Chrisicos Interiors.

I love to help my clients realize their interior design dreams. Almost all of us desire and need a functional, aesthetically-pleasing storage space, and the well-designed and thought-out, built-in cabinet pictured at the right fulfills both purposes.

The open storage with fixed shelves for strength puts everything within easy reach. Although this particular cabinet pulled together a stylish playroom for my clients, this same modern storage idea could also apply to storage for the home office, the home library, the media room, or the mudroom.

To give the assortment of toys a unified look, I added off-white, canvas containers to some of the open shelves. This add-on is especially helpful for organizing smaller items, and each container also has space for a card or tag to identify and organize everything.

When adding containers to open shelves like this, the size of the container is very important. A custom-designed and custom-sized container is the easiest route, but you can also purchase off the shelf, as long as the container fits the shelf and leaves extra space on all sides so you can grab and go. The container shouldn’t leave too much space or create a tight fit; balance is the goal.

decorative storage ideas
This same, colorful storage idea can be applied to the mudroom. Source: Chrisicos Interiors.

I left some of the shelves open without containers because the stacks of books, stuffed animals and colorful toys actually create some style in the storage area.

This trick gives the room color and accessories without reaching into the design budget.

On the bottom of the built-in cabinet, you’ll notice a metal grid. The perforated, gray doors serve a functional purpose to conceal the audio and video equipment in storage and allow air flow.

On a design level, they also tone down the bold paint color and add a layer of texture and interest.

In every project I encounter, I always make aesthetics and function the dual purpose of my interior design. Give purpose to every part of your interiors with my team. Call me today at 617-699-9462 to get started.