My Design Ideas for a Room to Grow with the Kids

When I design rooms with kids in mind, I relish the opportunity to play with color, texture, and shapes in ways that are as imaginative as my client’s children. However, as kids quickly grow, transitioning from coloring books to movie nights with friends, their space in the home needs to grow, too.

My Top 5 Tips for Modern Interior Design for Families
Source: Chrisicos Interiors

Designing a playroom, bedroom, or other special space for children isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. With these projects, I am tasked not only to meet my client’s immediate needs but also to consider how to meet their future interior design needs for growing children.

Kids are not only maturing but also constantly changing their tastes. While you might love a room for years, they might fall out of love with the color blue or a nautical theme within a year.

Investing in timeless, multi-functional furniture, like the pictured cabinets, is one way to ensure that your room can easily adapt to your growing children. Focus on the essentials, like seating, a rug, and open storage, that will always be handy no matter how the room evolves.

In this pictured playroom project, we envisioned this space for both today and the future. We considered every aspect of this room, from the location of the windows and flat-screen TV to the location, color, and dimensions of the built-in cabinets.

My clients and I are in love with the results. As the needs of the children evolve, this room can also grow from a space to draw to a perfect homework station or a place to entertain friends. The clients can easily swap out toys and books in the custom cabinets for a movie collection and school supplies.

Eventually, after the kids go to college, the homeowners can even use this same design for a bright and bold home office, a chic entertainment room, a guest room, or even a space for music. I can see the baby grand piano now by the built-in cabinets.

An interior designer can do much more than decorate your home; we’re problem solvers, assigning purpose and functionality to every room of your living space. Call me today at 617-699-9462 to solve your biggest design challenge.