Should You Consider Your Home’s Exterior Color When Designing the Foyer?

If you are planning on revamping the look of your foyer, remodeling your whole house, or you just want a few ideas on foyer design, you should take the exterior color of your house into consideration when designing your foyer’s look and feel.

Should You Consider Your Home's Exterior Color When Designing the Foyer?
Source: Chrisicos Interiors.

Our full-service designers can help you achieve a more harmonious balance between the outside palette of your home and that of the interior.

Creating balance between the exterior colors and interior colors doesn’t have to be achieved by using a color scheme that is similar. You can have a foyer design that contrasts sharply with your home’s exterior color, and it will still achieve the perfect transition from outside to inside.

Most homes have a palette for the exterior that is earthy and warm, with shades of brown, copper, red, or lighter tones like tan and off-white. These colors are also largely neutral, so you can use dramatically different colors for the foyer.

For a smooth transition, stick with warm autumn colors. If you’d like a sharper contrast, you can pick colors that have a cooler look and feel, or go for a bold look with deep or bright colors that welcome guests and visitors with a noticeable change.

You can get some great ideas for foyer design or any other aspect of interior design for your home when you contact our residential interior designers at Chrisicos Interiors today. We work closely with clients from various neighborhoods in Boston to help them achieve their dream home.