Use Timeless, Contemporary Light Fixtures in Your Design

Lighting is an essential part of any room design. It completes a room and sets different moods that complement the room’s purpose. Adding contemporary light fixtures to your transitional design creates a fresh look without making it lose its timeless elegance.

Use Timeless, Contemporary Light Fixtures in Your Design
Source: Chrisicos Interiors.

I used these contemporary lighting trends in Manhattan and Newton Victorian projects to develop a timeless, fresh look that doesn’t suffer from being trendy, nor does it easily become tired and outdated. You, too, can add contemporary, edgy fixtures to your home and create looks that defined our projects in Manhattan, Boston, and the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta:

  • Glass has a timeless quality, particularly when paired with wrought-iron wall mounts. However, glass doesn’t have to be clear to create the perfect effect; white glass works with any color palette, making it the perfect option for use on walls and ceilings.
  • Keep in mind, though, that lighting should be both beautiful and practical. Consider your lighting as art, and make fittings into centerpieces by having them placed in central positions, like above the middle of a dining table.
  • Elegance is also achieved by using the right mix of materials in a light fitting. Consider a combination of glass and metal, or add colored glass or crystals within a fitting. The key to this is getting the balance right within your overall design.
  • Of course, the alternative is to go for gray and black; black cut glass and crystal positioned over a bath brings a new aspect to the room without losing much-needed light.
  • Even though elegance is the key, you shouldn’t overlook the wattage you use when installing new fittings; each of the example homes has high wattage fittings.

For more information on how to include contemporary lighting trends into your design, contact our contemporary interior designers today.