Simple Solutions for Creating an Urban Oasis

Even if you live in an urban area, an outdoor living space gives you somewhere quiet and natural to retreat. In a recent outdoor living article in the Boston Courant, I discussed how to design an urban outdoor space that meets your needs while also looking stylish. Here are a few creative ideas from the article, along with some of our own advice:

Umbrellas can make any outdoor living space more inviting. The Boston Courant article recommends using black and white striped umbrellas. This would be lovely for creating a classic, 1920s look. Another option would be to use multiple umbrellas in solid, jewel tones like dark amethyst and sapphire red. This combination would add a splash of modern color to your space without looking overly showy.

Instead of setting up an entire outdoor bar, assemble your bar on a cart, so you can wheel it back inside when you’re done lounging. Make sure you have a comfortable place to enjoy your drinks. Wicker seating, placed atop a colorful or textured rug, gives you an enticing place to lie back and sip. If you have room, the Boston Courant article recommends adding a water feature for some background noise. A small, battery-powered fountain is ideal if your only outdoor space is a terrace or balcony.

In your busy urban neighborhood, you probably want your outdoor space to be a bit isolated from the hustle and bustle. A good set or drapes hung across one side of the balcony can create more privacy.

Now that you have some ideas of how to design an urban outdoor space, start thinking of complete designs in your head. Contact Chrisicos Interiors to learn more about our custom design services, or to discuss your project with us.