5 Living Room Design Ideas for Your Home

Does your living room have a case of the “borings?” Perhaps it’s time to spice it up. These living room interior design ideas will help you create a space that is beautiful, functional, and in line with your own personal style.

Source: Chrisicos Interiors
Source: Chrisicos Interiors

Blue Moon

Pale, cornflower blue may not be the most popular color for living rooms, but it should be. A pale blue carpet, slightly darker walls, and furniture that combines dark-stained wood with blue upholstery makes for a space that feels light, airy, and a tad bit quaint.

Natural Sophistication

The “natural” look does not have to look cheap. By combining a few rattan rugsĀ and pieces of wicker furniture with some more stately wooden furniture, you create an interesting design that gently states “I’m going green” without overwhelming the eyes.

Hello, Plum

Plum purple is a very fashionable color right now. If you’re not in love with painting your walls such a bold color, paint them a pale gray, choose white or pale gray furniture, and then add plum accents. Pillows, rugs, curtains — they all look lovely in plum.

Black and White

One of the most striking of our living room interior design ideas is to go black and white. White walls, black furniture, and patterned black and white accents draw a lot of attention.

Deep and Dark

Not every living room has to have a light and airy design. If you have a deep, pensive personality, match your living room decor to it. A navy blue accent wall, furniture with dark upholstery but light wood make for an appealing space.

At Chrisicos Interiors, we are experts at helping our clients transform their spaces, both in terms of function and looks. If your living room needs a boost, contact us today to schedule a consultation.