5 Elements That Make a Stunning Transitional Kitchen

Transitional interior design in Boston is on the rise, especially in kitchens. To give your kitchen a look that walks the line between classic and modern, start by including these five elements:

chrisicos3Natural Surfaces

Natural materials are widely used in transitional kitchens. Granite, limestone and marble all make lovely countertops, both in terms of appearance and functionality. Try to steer clear of designs and patterns that look overly ornate, and instead opt for simple, clean-cut stone.

Clean Cabinetry

Cabinetry in transitional kitchens should have clean, crisp lines. Symmetry is key, too. Ensure your wall cabinets are all the same size and that their placement appears balanced within the room. Sleek hardware and a smooth finish complete wood cabinets and give them the transitional style you’re seeking.

Simple Accents

Avoid any decorations that are overly detailed or gaudy. Choose just a few accents in one or two colors, and place them in areas where they are readily visible. A stunning picture or a single potted plant are nice choices.

A Mix of Natural and Manufactured Materials

In addition to natural wood cabinets and stone counters, transitional kitchens typically feature some manufactured materials, too. Stainless steel, in particular, is stunning in a transitional kitchen. Choose stainless appliances or even a stainless steel exhaust hood.

Varied Textures

Add interest to your transitional kitchen by including a few highly textured items. A backsplash with various colors can look highly textured, as can some neutral-colored drapes made partially from burlap or another rustic material. Combine some rougher materials with some smoother ones for an inviting, balanced appeal.

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