Should Your Interior Design Be Timeless or Timely?

When designing a home, many homeowners believe they need to choose between two basic types of decor: a trendy style that will soon be out of fashion or a timeless design that’s never out of fashion but remains a bit bland.

Luxury living room, designed by Chrisicos Interiors
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However, what’s not obvious is the third and better option – timely interior design. A home that is timely meets today’s lifestyle by balancing yesterday’s timeless treasures with a few modern elements.

Trends come and go, but when your home is designed in a timely manner, you don’t have to worry that your space will be out of date in a year or two. If you see a piece of decor you love that’s trendy and fits your lifestyle, feel free to purchase it for your home.

If the piece truly fits, then it is timely not trendy and you’re likely to keep it, even if it’s not “in style” a few months later. On the other hand, to achieve a timely style, you must avoid buying things just because it is trendy. If it doesn’t fit your lifestyle and tastes, it’s trendy not timely and best left in the store.

Here’s another way to think about creating a timely look. For items that are expensive or take up a lot of space in your well-appointed home, like sofas and tables, focus on making classic, timeless choices that will consistently define good taste.

Then focus on choosing trendier smaller items (like throw pillows and wall art). As trends change, replacing small items can keep your home looking timely without much effort.

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