How to Mix Metal Finishes in Interior Design

Source: Chrisicos Interiors
Source: Chrisicos Interiors

Whether you like the industrial look or just want to add a few urban touches to your turnkey design, there are several ways to mix a metal finish into your next home design project.

When mixing metal finishes, don’t overload the appearance. However, not using enough and your efforts may go unnoticed as other design elements can easily overpower a subtle metallic touch.

The most popular metal finishes are brushed nickel, antique silver, brass and bronze. All can be incorporated into any room design, whether it causes a shift in the theme or just to add an extra touch.

The kitchen and bathroom are suited for metal finishes due to the prevalence of fixtures, faucets, handles and hardware founded in metal. With that in mind, it’s not hard to picture the metal in other parts of your home, opening the proverbial door to a variety of turnkey designs.

Black hardware or crystal knobs work well with metal finishes and practically any look can complement it. Both bronze and brass feature a warm and rich appearance, going well together in a variety of items from lampshades and candlesticks to table bases and dining room chairs.

Antique silver and oiled bronze can come together in a variety of settings, adding a nice touch to surface decor items or lighting fixtures like lamps and chandeliers. Subscribe to my newsletter for more suggestions about turnkey design and adding a touch of brass to your next project.

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