Are Wall Hung Nightstands Right For Your Fenway Home?

Source: Chrisicos Interiors

At Chrisicos Interiors, we’re often faced with unique design challenges that revolve around a lack of space. I found that ceiling and wall hung nightstands, along with wall hung sconces for reading, are the best answer for lighting the bedroom.

When proportioned correctly, wall hung nightstands allow the use of tight spaces around your bed without clutter. Here are some ideas for your next bedroom project:

  • If you’re after a natural feel, consider a wooden hanging nightstand. Custom designed wooden nightstand not only compliment a traditional style home, but they also add texture and character. Level the nightstand at the same height as the bed for a streamline look.
  • For a more unique and rustic feel, a swing nightstand may be the best option. Refurbished wood or antique tea trays make a great base for a floating nightstand. With this kind of nightstand the heights can be changed easily. To add interest, play with the height to create an asymmetrical placement.
  • Another fantastic wall-mounted option, especially if you don’t have much space between the bed and the wall, is a shelf nightstand. Install two shelves next to or slightly above the headboard. If your bed is placed against a wall, you can use one shelf or a corner stand.
  • For a unique twist to your bedroom’s decor, instead of using a shelf a wine crate can be used if you have enough space on each side of the bed. With so many options for paint and stain colors this is a great option if you’re looking for a nightstand to match your color scheme.

If you’re not ready to start decorating yet and want more information about the best interior design solutions for your Fenway home, contact Chrisicos Interiors at (617) 699-9462.