5 Ways to Get the Look of Your Favorite Celebrity Homes

Living Room with water view
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With the Academy Awards on February 28, everyone is experiencing celebrity fever. Luckily, you don’t have to be featured on a magazine cover to enjoy the latest celebrity interior design trends. Here are five tips for ensuring your home encapsulates today’s hottest celebrity looks.

Choose a Central Item

From Aston Kutcher’s Hollywood Hills mansion to Jennifer Aniston’s mid-century modern in the vineyards, celeb spaces all seem to have a “big ticket” central item that draws in attention. Aston Kutcher has stunning floor to ceiling windows that look out at Hollywood lake, but you can embrace this idea more realistically with a life-size painting or large potted tree.

Think “Entertainment”

Eddie Murphy had a tennis court and a game room in his Los Lagos estate. Celine Dion’s abode is home to a mini water park with a lazy river. Incorporating an entertainment amenity or two will give your home that celebrity vibe.

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Choose a Theme

Eclectic is trendy in its own right, but celebrity homes tend to have a theme. Bruce Willis’ home in Beverly Hills, for instance, exudes Spanish charm from floor to ceiling with arched door frames, a tile roof, and a neutral color scheme.

Accessorize Sparingly

Once you have your major furnishings in place, choose a few tasteful accessories to complete the look — but don’t go overboard. Celebrity homes are always sleek and neat, not cluttered. Maria Bello’s dining room is accessorized with simple candlesticks and white flowers.

Use Texture

Combining textures are big in the design world, but especially in celebrity homes. In Leonardo DiCaprio’s living room, for example, a textured wall stands out against the sleek, contemporary furnishings of his Hollywood home.

Whether it’s the dreams they inspire or the feelings they evoke, celebrities continue to set the stage for ultra luxury interior designs. For help incorporating your favorite celebrity interior design trends, contact Chrisicos Interiors at 617-699-9462