How to Design a Room for More Than One Purpose

Source: Chrisicos Interiors

Perhaps you would like to maximize your space by designing a room for multiple purposes. For instance, a dining room can double as a work space, an office as a library, and so forth. To do so with style, make note of the following multi-purpose room design ideas:

  • Design your living room to be guest friendly. For instance, invest in a sleeper sofa, which is perfect for when you have overnight guests. Simply pull the sofa out and you’ll have a makeshift guest room.
  • Opt for a dining room that also serves as a space for hanging out. Add a desk so it can serve as an office or utilize your table to play games with the kids.
  • Turn a large room into a multi-purpose space, such as an office/dining room/lounging room. You could even use bookshelves backed up against one another to help divide the space.
  • Invest in a Murphy bed and pull it out when it’s needed. During the day, the space can be used as an office or whatever else you so desire.
  • Divide up a room that is used for multiple purposes by using art. For instance, put one type of artwork on one section of the wall and another type on the other section.
  • Furniture pieces that function as storage are great for any room and help to create a unified look.

Make use of these multi-purpose room design ideas and revitalize your space today!

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