Tips for Adding a Dining Area in Your Transitional Kitchen

Source: Chrisicos Interiors
Source: Chrisicos Interiors

Adding a dining area to your transitional kitchen is not the hardest interior design challenge you’ll face. However, there are a few things to consider if you want it to fit with your home’s overall theme. Here are a few pointers to help you:

  • To fit into a transitional home, a dining area can contain either contemporary or traditional elements, depending on the area size and the furnishing you already have in place. In larger rooms, you can consider a traditional, rectangular dining table.
  • If your current furniture includes traditional interior design elements or your dining area is too small to fit a traditional table, a smaller-scale contemporary table such as a rectangular plank style table might be a better choice.
  • Another point to consider when designing your transitional dining room is the shape of the table. Rectangular, square, oval and round tables can be found in both traditional and contemporary designs; it is the material and color of the table that will determine if it is a good fit for your home.
  • Whether you go with a traditional or contemporary table, you can add a transitional feel with the right choice of seating. Dining chairs are available in a wide range of sizes and styles.
  • Traditional elements to consider for your dinning room include a wood-burning fireplace, traditional sideboards or glass-enclosed china cabinets. If you go with a traditional table and seating, opt for a modern glass chandelier or carefully selected art pieces on the wall.

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