What Does Contemporary Style Really Mean?

When discussing interior design, the word “contemporary” is used by both experts and the uninformed. But what does contemporary style really mean?

Rather than one specific look, contemporary style encompasses a wide array of design motifs and elements developed throughout the later half of the 20th century — and of course, the 21st century.

Living Room
Source: Chrisicos Interiors

What colors are popular in contemporary style?

When bright color appears in contemporary style, it is often in splashes, such as an accent wall or an attention-grabbing floor rug. Geometric patterns are popular, especially when it comes to accent pieces like lamps and throw pillows. However, the base colors used in contemporary designs tend to be neutral; so think brown, taupe, cream and white.

What fabrics and materials are seen in contemporary designs?

Texture is big in contemporary design. Natural materials are gaining popularity thanks to the movement towards more ecologically friendly choices. Silk, cotton, wool and linen can all be seen in popular contemporary designs. Often, several of these materials are used together in order to create a contrast in texture.

How does lighting play a role in contemporary design?

When designing any space with a modern motif, the designer must pay careful attention to the lighting used. It is just as much a part of the space as the curtains, accessories and walls. Recessed lighting or track lighting is used to emphasize certain elements, while warm ambient light is used to set the mood.

How does contemporary style make you feel?

Because it emphasizes line and form, contemporary designs make the viewer feel energized. The lack of clutter and expansiveness of a space makes the mind feel open and free.

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