Michael Boodro Talks About Custom Interiors at Boston Design Week

Source: Julie Lippert

Elle Decor has long been one of my favorite shelter magazines. I recently had the opportunity to listen to the magazine’s editor, Michael Boodro, speak at Boston Design Week. The experience was both educational and fulfilling as Michael is a great conversationalist and very adept at working with people.

While sitting back in an upholstered chair, Michael Boodro talked about his experiences at the magazine, his design ideals and the custom offerings and products available to American clients. We, the audience, were seated in comfortable upholstered seating in vignettes and enjoyed catered refreshments as we engaged in what felt like a conversation with Michael.

One of the best aspects of this Room and Board event was how well the subject matter resonated with me as a designer. Michael believes that people who love their homes want something unique and handcrafted. Much like me, he believes in using these artisan furnishings sparingly.

You don’t always need a lot of the artisan custom products and furnishings because a little is enough and it can be expensive.

– Michael Boodro

Source: Julie Lippert

As Michael flipped through his slides, which showed artisans who have been featured in the pages of Elle Decor, it became clear handcrafted items are regaining popularity in the design world. From glass tabletops and sinks to exquisite doors, Michael showed an array of beautiful, enticing designs that really resonate with what I aim to create for my clients. Just as when I read Elle Magazine, I left feeling inspired.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your home, I highly encourage you to explore Michael Boodro’s work in Elle Decor Magazine. The same glowing personality he showed at Boston Design Week comes through in the designs he features.

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