Chrisicos Interiors Helps You Plan the Perfect Interior Design Project

Dining Room
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Planning your interior design project involves a lot more than picking out your favorite curtains and color scheme. Behind the design decisions and artistic interpretations are a need for timeliness, proper scheduling and top-notch communication.

At Chrisicos Interiors, one of our primary goals is to make planning your interior design project as seamless and straightforward as possible. Here’s how:


From the very beginning, we help you decide on an appropriate budget for the project. Decisions along the way are made with that budget in mind. This way, you end up with pieces that suit your needs without having to overstep what you’re comfortable spending.


We start by planning your project, discuss what you can expect to be completed and when it will be complete. Our dedication to communication and flexible meeting scheduling typically allow us to complete projects quite promptly.

Plan Your Interior Design Project in 5 Steps
Source: Chrisicos Interiors


We understand that you are busy. Chrisicos Interiors does our best to work within your schedule to set up meetings, phone calls and whatever communication works best with you.

Agendas For Meetings

Throughout the design process, each of our meetings has a predetermined purpose. We have a definite agenda worked out before we sit down — whether it be with you, a contractor, or another involved party. This way, important matters are not accidentally skipped or overlooked.


Do you have a question about the timeline of your project? Maybe you’re second-guessing a color selection we discussed early in the day. No matter what the concern, we are available. We’ll also reach out to you regularly to update on progress and coordinate communication between you and any contractors.

To learn more about our design process and what to expect during the planning phase and beyond, contact Chrisicos Interiors at 617-699-9462 today.