How to Pick Lampshades for Your Transitional Home

Source: Michael Coghlan

Lighting is one of the most important elements of interior design, but it’s not just where the lighting is placed that matters — it is also the fixtures from which it emerges. When decorating with lamps, it’s important to choose a lamp shade that conveys the proper sense of balance.

Keep these transitional home design tips for selecting a lampshade in mind.

Choosing a Size

The proper height for a lampshade is two-thirds the height of the lamp base. It’s okay to go up to 80% for narrower shades, as long as it doesn’t create a top-heavy look.

Source: Chrisicos Interiors

Also, consider the width of the shade; it should never exceed the height of the base. In most cases, the best look uses shades about two inches narrower than the base is tall. Again, there is some flexibility here, as there are many variations of shades.

Choosing a Shape

Pick a shade that mimics the shape of the lamp base. If it has rounded contours, a cylindrical or round lamp shade. If the lamp base is angular, a square shade is ideal.

Selecting the Color and Translucency

Pick a translucent lamp shade if you’re using the lamp for reading. If the light is meant purely as an accent, a more opaque shade will cast the light downward.

Lampshades give you an opportunity to play on an accent color in the room. Try choosing a shade that is understated in other elements, such as the carpet or drapes. Subdued tones are preferred to brighter ones.

Picking the right lampshade can be a challenge and you’re often best going with a custom option. Blanche Field offers beautiful custom shades and your choice of either paper or fabric will influence the shape you select.

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