Elegant Beach Decor: Designing With Coral-Inspired Details

Coral Pillow
Source: Wicker Paradise

Beach decor does not have to look kitschy or tacky. Elegant beach decor, which incorporates elements of the coast with more elegant patterns and colors, is gaining popularity in interior design. One of the hallmarks of this decorating scheme is coral — both the color and the natural pattern.

The Color Coral

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Coral has a “hot” feeling to it. As such a saturated hue, it draws memories of warm weather and relaxation. While it’s too bold a color to use as a primary wall color, an accent wall painted in coral adds a splash of vibrancy to your design. Top it with some light wood shelves, paint the remaining walls a soft cream and create a balanced look that lasts through the seasons.

Touches of coral also look stunning in decorative items like bedspreads and artwork. A sea green or blue bedspread with hints of coral has balance that strikes the eye. Using solid coral pillows, table cloths or drapes is another way to bring this color into an otherwise neutral-toned space.

The Coral Pattern

Elegant beach decor featuring a natural coral pattern is also trendy. The branched pattern can be seen in everything from ceiling lamps to wall hangings. A white light fixture featuring a coral pattern can add a slight touch of the beach to a modern home.

There are also table lamps made from resin molded into a coral pattern, as well as numerous wall of coral-like designs. You can find large and small coral patterns on everything from bedspreads to shower curtains.

You don’t have to convert your home to a beach house in order to embrace the beauty of coral. Just a splash of this rich color and pattern will liven up your life. Contact Chrisicos Interiors¬†at 617-699-9462 for an expert interior decorating consultation.