Pick the Perfect Accent Table for Any Style and Occasion

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Small accent tables can make a lovely addition to your dining or living room. From wood to glass-topped, these tables come in many styles. They range in sizes from eight-inch stands just large enough for a single glass to larger surfaces that hold everything from periodicals to flower bouquets.

When picking an accent table, consider the look you want to convey. Glass-topped tables emote a look of luxury and are a wonderful choice in glamorous, upscale settings. Top a glass accent table with a decanter and a glass of wine and create the perfect aura of sophistication.

For a more traditional yet notably rich appeal, consider a marble-topped table. It’s the perfect spot for setting hors d’oeuvres at your dinner party or for displaying a stunning houseplant.

An Occasion for Style: Picking Out an Occasional Table
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Wood is perhaps the most common material for accent tables and there is no shortage of styles from which to choose. A gorgeous, inlaid table with patterned wood and a few gold leaf accents looks both bold and luxurious.

A simple, clean-cut style conveys a more modern appeal. Choose deep, dark-stained wood for a more stately appearance or lighter wood for a fresh touch.

If you plan to use your table for decoration only, a smaller size may be ideal. If the plateau is destined for appetizers or a book, focus on the larger sizes. You can place a decorative table in a corner then move it around the room later on as needed.

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