Ways to Design Your Dream Kosher Kitchen in Boston

John Horner Photography
John Horner Photography

Kosher kitchen design takes a bit more planning than regular kitchen design since items like sinks, stoves and sometimes even refrigerators need to be duplicated in order to allow for the separation of meat and dairy during preparation and cooking.

You can make a kosher kitchen that feels luxurious and easy to navigate. Here are some kosher kitchen design tips to help simplify the process.

Create two overlapping work triangles.

In kitchen design, you always want to ensure the sink, refrigerator and stove are arranged in a triangle for easy access during cooking and cleaning. In a kosher kitchen, you need to create two overlapping triangles with two stoves and sinks and a refrigerator between them.

Some customers prefer to have two separate refrigerators rather than one divided refrigerator. In that case, you would need to design two separate work triangles.

Source: BillionPhotos
Source: BillionPhotos

Choose durable, non-porous surfaces.

Since kosher rules also apply to food preparation, you need to ensure all surfaces are non-porous so no food accumulates in the cracks and leads to contamination.

Stainless steel is the go-to choice for appliances, and quartz is a good choice for countertops. Both of these materials also look luxurious. You’ll find plenty of stainless steel appliances with a Sabbath mode.

Consider dishwasher drawers.

Since the plumbing to each drawer is separate, you can stack dishwasher drawers for meat, dairy and parve rather than having to install more than one full dishwasher. Dishwasher drawers are also an attractive choice since they can blend right into your cabinetry and decor.

When designing a kosher kitchen, it is wise to work with an interior designer to ensure the best use of your space. Contact Chrisicos Interiors at 617-699-9462 to confirm your space or learn more about our turnkey design services in the Boston area.