Lighten Up Your Back Bay Home With Acrylic Furniture

Clear, acrylic furniture may not seem overly luxurious. In fact, on its own, it can look pretty boring as you can see right through it. However, there are ways to integrate acrylic furniture into your space and create an attractive, balanced look. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Acrylic Furniture - Table
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Choose a clear coffee table or ottoman for your living room. Place some seashells and beach wood inside of it. They’ll be visible from the outside, adding a natural appeal to your space.

Use a clear bar in your dining room. Display your drinks on a metallic tray, set on top of the bar. The clear acrylic material of the bar will keep all of the attention on the tray and beverages.

Place a clear shelving unit in your office. Display some of your most colorful books on the shelves, along with some potted plants. The books and plants will attract a lot more attention than they would if there were placed on a colored shelf.

Display it against a patterned wall. Rooms with patterned walls can look overly busy, and using clear acrylic furniture can help tone down the look a bit. You will still be able to see the pattern through the furniture.

Use clear furniture in a small room. Small rooms can feel closed in and claustrophobic when you stuff them with too much furniture, but adding clear furniture allows you to add functionality to the space without making it feel any smaller.

When used in the right way, acrylic furniture can add a light, airy appeal to most any room. If you’re looking for a Back Bay interior designer to help you create this look, contact Chrisicos Interiors at 617-699-9462 and schedule an appointment to visit our luxury design showroom today.

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