How to Design the Perfect Holiday Table for Your Boston Home

Source: Chrisicos Interiors
Source: Chrisicos Interiors

Is it your turn to host the holiday meal this year? The perfect holiday table will make everyone feel festive. Here are a few holiday interior design tips to help you create a warm and welcoming table for your Boston home.

Choose China that suits the meal.

If you are serving simple foods, consider country-style pottery. For a more luxurious, extravagant meal, delicately patterned china looks right in place.

Use large wine glasses for versatility.

The sparkle of the glass makes any table look elegant, and most any beverage can be enjoyed from a large wine glass. Those who don’t want wine can sip water or cider elegantly from the large-stemmed glasses.

Layer your tablecloths.

Using a solid-colored tablecloth and a patterned table runner is a good way to create some contrast. We love linens in vibrant colors like dark plum and emerald green because they make a table look royal and luxurious.

luxury holiday table
Source: Chrisicos Interiors

Create a centerpiece from fresh flowers.

A floral arrangement makes for the perfect finishing touch to your holiday table. It adds a pop of life and freshness that’s so important when it’s chilly outside.

Add contrast with dessert plates.

Dessert is a separate course, so it’s okay for your dessert plates to be different in style from your dinner plates. Look for ones with a subdued pattern or a unique shape.

To see some table decorating options in person, stop by our showroom in Park Plaza. There, you can browse our custom-designed linens and floral arrangements by Bloom Couture Floral.

Holidays are all about family, and we can help you design a holiday table that brings everyone together with elegant colors. Contact us at 617-699-9462 to learn more about our holiday interior design services in the Boston area.