5 Beautiful Ways to Decorate Around Your Entertainment System

Source: Greg Premru
Source: Greg Premru

The television has become an essential part of any living room, but how can you make it look like part of your decor? Here are some ideas for decorating around your TV.

Make it part of a gallery wall.

Framed pictures surrounding the television can make it appear to be just another one of those pictures.

Place it in an elegant entertainment center.

Choose a unit with wood or glass doors that match the decor. Then when you’re not watching, the closed doors create a more pleasant space.

Arrange your TV between several mounted shelves.

Place a shelf or two against the wall on either side of your TV. Use them to store and display items like figurines from your vacations or family photos. The symmetry on both sides will create a balanced look.

Decorate with black elsewhere in the room.

A black television looks out of place in a room decorated in pale, neutral tones. Work a bit of black into your space with throw pillows, a rug, or your drapes.

Make it part of a shelving unit.

A complete wall shelving unit makes decorating around your TV simple. Put the TV in a middle cubby, and fill in the others with books and other necessities.

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