Define Your Interior Design Style Before Hiring a Designer

Source: Greg Premru
Source: Greg Premru

When you first start working with your interior designer, he or she is going to ask you some questions to help get an idea of what your style preferences are. If you’re not quite sure what you like or what you don’t like regarding home decor, it can be helpful to spend some time finding your interior design style before that first meeting with your decorator. Follow these steps:

Think broadly about your style.

Take a step back from interior design for a minute, and think about your design in general. What type of clothing do you wear? What are your hobbies? Do you like everyday activities and endeavors, or would you rather go on new adventures? Write down your answers to these questions to help you feel immersed in “yourself.” Now, you’re in the right mindset to move on.

Look through interior design magazines.

Flip through the pages of any interior design magazines you can find. When you see a page that evokes the same feelings you experienced when thinking of your personal style, earmark that page. After you’ve gone through several magazines, go back and look at those pages more carefully. How are the styles represented on those pages described? Are they referred to as “rustic,” “Euro country,” “transitional,” or by some other term? That’s your style!

Make a note of other elements you love.

Everyone’s style is different. Continue flipping through your magazines, and write down 10 to 15 specific items, colors, or themes that speak to you the most. Also, note anything you blatantly don’t like.

Once you’re finished finding your interior design style, it’s time to get in touch with a designer. Contact Chrisicos Interiors at 617-699-9462 to learn about our design services in Boston.