How to Decorate With Sherwin-Williams 2017 Color of the Year

Nobody knows paint colors quite like Sherwin Williams. They’ve just released their 2017 Color of the Year, and we’re happy to find that it’s a versatile neutral that you can have plenty of fun pairing with other 2017 color trends. It’s called Poised Taupe, and it’s essentially a cross between brown and gray.

Poised Taupe By Sherwin-Williams
Source: Sherwin-Williams

Poised Taupe isn’t too hot or too cold. It’s a warm color that fits between light and dark, which means you can play it up with darker, deeper shades or cool it down with more subtle, lighter tones. Here are some more tips for decorating with Poised Taupe.

Use it as your primary wall color

This shade is light enough that it can look ideal in a bedroom or living room wall. Pair it with light tan or cream curtains, and darker flooring or bedding.

You can even add some texture with a burlap rug, which is a nice contrast since Poised Taupe has such a smooth, sensual appeal.

Add a pop of color around door frames

If you like a modern look, paint your walls white or a very pale blue. Then use Poised Taupe on your baseboards and door frames. Look for an area rug with white, taupe and touches of navy blue for a very balanced appeal.

Pair it with plum

For a more colorful look that’s fit for royalty, try pairing Poised Taupe with a deep plum color. Paint your walls taupe and the door frames and window frames plum. Choose light gray or cream furniture and accent the look with plum-colored throw pillows.

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