5 Reasons to Choose Custom Furniture For Your Luxury Home

Photo by Greg Premu
Photo by Greg Premu

When it comes time to decorate or redecorate your space, there’s a decision you need to make: will you choose custom furniture or mass-produced furniture for your home?

While there are some lovely mass-produced pieces out there, we recommend clients go with custom furniture, like items from our Custom by Chrisicos line.

Here are five reasons why owning custom furniture is the best option.

Nobody else will have it.

That sinking feeling of walking into a friend’s living room and discovering that they have the exact same sofa. You never have to experience that with custom furniture. Each piece has a unique look that fits your home’s style.

It will meet your unique needs.

Do you need material that won’t hold on to pet hair when your dog decides to jump on the sofa? Maybe you’re worried about leather sticking to you during the hot summer. Your custom furniture design team will make recommendations based on your lifestyle.

Source: Chrisicos Interiors

It’s affordable.

You might be surprised to find that ordering custom furniture does not really cost more than buying mass-produced pieces, especially if you’re working with a reputable designer. You’ll have to buy a high-end mass-produced furniture to even come close to the quality you get in a custom piece.

It feels more personal.

There’s just something about looking at your sofa or table and thinking, “I chose that fabric. I chose that embellishment.” You feel more connected with your custom furniture.

Your furniture will fit your home perfectly.

You won’t have to worry about it being too wide, too narrow, or too tall. It will be sized to fit your room.

If you’re interested in our Custom by Chrisicos line of custom furniture design, contact us or stop by our luxury design showroom at Park Plaza.