How to Add Texture for That Final Touch in Your Luxury Home

Source: Chrisicos Interiors

Are you looking for ways to give your ultra high-end home one final “pop” or appeal? Adding a touch of texture can do the trick.

Texture helps tie a look together, as it gives the eye another dimension — on top of color — to focus on. Here are a few ways to add texture to your home.

Throw Pillows

Toss a few textured throw pillows on a smooth sofa or chair and your living room will come alive. Throw pillows also work well on chests and beds.

Textile Backdrops

Hang a patterned textile on the wall of an all-white or pale-colored room. It will instantly gain a more artistic, balanced feeling.


A woven rug atop a smooth wooden or vinyl floor can draw the eye downwards and give the room a closer, cozier feel. This strategy works well in bedrooms and family rooms where you want a warm touch.

Source: Chrisicos Interiors

When integrating texture into your space, keep scale in mind. The more highly textured an item, the more of an impact it is going to have in your space.

Try to choose smaller textured items for smaller rooms and larger ones for big, open spaces. Keep lighting in mind, too. Darker textured items absorb more light, so reserve them for well-lit areas.

As a downtown Boston interior designer, we used texture in our luxury design showroom in Park Plaza. The Philip Jeffries textured grass cloth serves as a neutral backdrop to our space.

As transitional design has become a mainstay in the Boston area, Kathie Chrisicos always sources her accessories with texture in mind, so there are many options for homeowners looking to add a little texture to their space.

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