5 Interior Design Tricks for Picking The Right Throw Pillows

Source: Alexandra D. Foster
Source: Alexandra D. Foster

Throw pillows can add a touch of color or an extra textural element to your space, but in order to create an attractive, cohesive look, it’s important to choose the right ones. With so many options available, choosing a throw pillow is not always easy, but these tips and tricks will help.

Stick with a cohesive color pallet. You’re going to create the biggest impact if all of your pillows are the same color, or if they are all various shades of the same color. If you’re using a lot of pillows, you may want to choose two complementary shades — but two should be the limit.

Choose a variety of sizes. Smaller pillows should go closer to the top of your sofa or bed, while the larger ones should be more at the base of the stack. This will help draw the eye upwards.

Blue and White throw pillows
Source: Alexandra D. Foster

If you have solid-colored furniture, choose patterned pillows. The patterns will add an extra element of texture, and they’ll really stand out against the solid upholstery. Alexandra D. Foster has some lovely patterned pillows that will look great in your home. You can see them in person at Chrisicos Interiors’ luxury design showroom at Park Plaza.

Shoot for symmetry. Buy one pillow for the left side of the sofa, and a second one for the right. If you’re using multiple pillows, make sure you buy the same number for both sides.

Stick with classic shapes. Oddly shaped pillows tend to call too much attention to themselves and take away from your other decor. Stick with classically shaped, square, rectangular, or roll pillows for a more traditional look.

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