How to Pick Elegant Table Linens For Your Boston Home

Photo by Annie Spratt

The right tablecloth sets the mood of your dining room and accentuates the rest of your decor, rather than taking away from it. Picking table linens is not as hard as you might imagine, either. Here are a few tips to guide you.

Look for cotton or linen materials.

Most fine linens are either made from cotton or linen. These truly are the best materials for the job. They hold up to wear, absorb liquids well and feel soft to the touch. Stain and wrinkle-resistant materials are preferable since they make the care process easier.

Photo by Greg Premru
Photo by Greg Premru

Examine the workmanship.

When possible, it’s best to look at linens you’re considering in person, rather than just ordering them online. This way, you can examine them closely. Look for neat, tidy stitching and symmetrical construction.

Size your tablecloth carefully.

Measure your table carefully before you set off to buy a tablecloth. You want a formal tablecloth trailing down about 10-12 inches on each side. A drop of up to 20 inches is acceptable.

If you have a round table, double the drop to the table’s diameter to find the ideal length. For instance, you would want a 72″ tablecloth for a round 48″ table.

Consider embroidery.

For formal settings, an embroidered linen set is most appropriate. Look for a finer, more delicate pattern if your dining room is traditional. A larger pattern is a good for a modern or transitional dining room.

Usually, picking table linens is easiest when you have some examples to look at. Consider visiting our luxury design showroom in Park Plaza, where you can see our collection of Lemon Linens. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a consultation.