Moving to the City: Designing Right in a Smaller Space

John Horner Photography
John Horner Photography

Are you giving up suburban living for the hubbub of city life? Living in the city has a lot of benefits, but one difference people often notice is the lack of space in city homes. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make the most of a smaller space with these tips for ultra luxury design in Boston.

Use Dark Colors Properly

The idea that you can’t use dark colors in small spaces is a myth. You just have to use them properly. Try using dark colors as a backdrop — such as the inside of a bookshelf or on just one wall — and then layer lighter colors on top. This contrast in hue helps create dimension that makes the room feel larger.

Choose Furniture With Discretion

You’re usually better off choosing a few full-size pieces rather than numerous smaller-scale ones. Too many pieces of furniture can just make the space feel crowded and awkward.


Greg Premru Photography
Greg Premru Photography



Just Display Your Favorites

Do you have a book collection? Displaying the whole thing might take up too much space, but you don’t have to stash the whole collection away. Just display your favorites. The same goes for any other collection, from your favorite china to dolls.

Use Tailored Drapes

Long drapes hung close to the ceiling create the illusion of spaciousness. Make sure you choose drapes with clean, straight lines.

Use Multipurpose Items

Dining room tables that pull out to accommodate guests, bookshelves that slide to the side, and pullout boards that add kitchen counterspace are all adjustable items that let you use one small space in numerous ways.

Just because your space is small doesn’t mean it can’t feel luxurious. For more help creating ultra luxury design in Boston, contact Chrisicos Interiors at 617-699-9462 and schedule an appointment to visit our design showroom at Park Plaza.

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