September 2018 Newsletter

The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.
– Socrates
As summer tourists transition into the annual influx of students, change is taking place all across the city. However, the standards that served as pillars remain.
The best transitions take your favorite parts from the past and integrate them into the new. I have first-hand experience with this, moving from my suburban home to a downtown condo and taking pleasure in seeing how the same item can work in a different locale.
Suburbs to City - Bedroom
Regardless of the size, setting up the bedroom is vital to any move. Without a headboard, ensuring smaller items like lamps and pillows are properly placed can put anyone at ease in a new environment.
The entirety of this new environment is on display in this short video showing my transition to a smaller space.
Chrisicos Interiors - Transitions to Smaller Spaces
Chrisicos Interiors – Transitions to Smaller Spaces
Whether you are transitioning to an urban setting or simply searching for something different for your suburban space, Chrisicos Interiors is here to help.
Our showroom at Park Plaza is right across from the Four Seasons. Walk in whenever you’re in the neighborhood or┬ácall in advance for a personal appointment.
We are ready to take your vision for an amazing home and make it a reality.