2014 Interior Design Trends: Making Rustic Modern

I’m not at all surprised at one of the 2014 interior design trends to make rustic accessories and furniture part of transitional, modern interiors. I’ve used rustic pieces in transitional interiors for years, and primitive, worn wood can become the gem in a setting of refined art and clean modern décor.

I love the term “rustic glamour,” because it’s the way for people who prefer earthy interiors to incorporate the old in with the new. Don’t stack your family’s old furniture in the attic; those beautifully-aged pieces become distinctive accents in rooms with modern appointments. Pair raw, natural, worn materials with chrome objects, mirrors and Lucite for the right mixture of rustic glam.

Of course, the truly fun part is hunting down rustic, timeworn pieces of furniture for that perfect look; visit thrift and budget stores, and especially garage and estate sales. Another option is to commission custom wood or stone furniture for a one-of-a-kind, unique touch for your home!

The beauty of the transitional design acceptance of contrasts allows a stucco hearth or a scarred, reclaimed wood bench to integrate beautifully with white walls, smooth lines and chrome light fixtures. Contact me at 617-699-9462 or get in touch with me online to discuss rustic touches for your modern, transitional interiors.


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