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Relook at this Year Trends We Used and Loved

Another beautiful summer is coming to an end. It’s the perfect time to reflect on the past year and think about the interior design trends it brought with it. This was surely an eclectic year as we saw the rising popularity of trends, including vintage glamour, Moroccan style, and brass and gold. One of the … Read more: Relook at this Year: Trends We Used and Loved

2014 Trends Get the Coveted Vintage Glamour Look-

If you are looking for great ideas for your home decorating plans, why not try spotlighting vintage glamour, one of the 2014 interior decor trends? When you add a touch of glamour to your home’s interior, you are creating a specific mood while also making a statement. Here’s where you can add your personality to … Read more: 2014 Trends: Get the Coveted Vintage Glamour Look

interior design color trends

Color palettes are just as important in interior design as the furniture and accessories you choose or the layout of your room. It creates focal points, continuity and contrast, and it even colors your mood. Here are some of my favorite tips on using color in interior design: In my city condo project, referenced by … Read more: My Favorite Interior Design Tips for Color Palettes


2014 interior decor trends are set to make your home sparkle and shine. If you are ready to give your home the golden touch, now might be the time to bring the Midas touch to a few thingsĀ in each room. Gold and brass accents draw attention and attract good things into your life. From gold … Read more: Vintage Gold and Brass Make a Comeback in Interior Design

vintage gold

After many years of rising popularity, it looks like nickel-plated pieces are about to take a back seat to some even more stylish finishes. Of all the interior design trends of 2014, these new finishes are definitely worth taking a look at. Copper – Copper has always had a special allure to it, and designers … Read more: Out With the Nickel, in With the New Metal Trends for 2014

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore has a brand new, spring lineup of color trends for 2014 that are slated to become the new neutrals in interior paint. Slightly more bold than standard pastels, these colors consist of light, muted blues; peach; lavender; and other soft, yet colorful, paints. This shift to a more colorful palette brings a cheerful, … Read more: New Neutrals: Benjamin Moore’s 2014 Color Trends