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When you’re seeking interior design services and making decisions about your home decor, the difference between a good showroom visit and a great one often lies in the customer service. At Chrisicos Interiors, we dedicate ourselves to offering our customers helpful advice and guidance to help you find the best items and designs for your space. … Read more: Find Great Customer Service at the Chrisicos Showroom in Park Plaza

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The Pantone Color Institute has released their color palette trends for 2017, and it’s time to start thinking about how you can integrate them into your decor. Here’s a glance at our favorite 2017 color trends. Reminiscence: With shades like Maritime Blue, Sepia, and Rattan, this traditional pallet will make you feel like you’re stepping … Read more: Get a Sneak Peek at Pantone’s Color Palettes for 2017


Lighting is one of the most important elements of interior design, but it’s not just where the lighting is placed that matters — it is also the fixtures from which it emerges. When decorating with lamps, it’s important to choose a lamp shade that conveys the proper sense of balance. Keep these transitional home design … Read more: How to Pick Lampshades for Your Transitional Home


If you love transitional design with hints of crafty, artistic appeal, then you’re going to enjoy decorating with Passementerie. Pronounced “pass-mon-tree,” this decorative edging looks lovely on everything from curtains to pillow shams. Here’s a closer look. What is passementerie? Put simply, passementerie is trim. It comes in a lot of different varieties, from woven … Read more: Everything You Need to Know About Passementerie

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When discussing interior design, the word “contemporary” is used by both experts and the uninformed. But what does contemporary style really mean? Rather than one specific look, contemporary style encompasses a wide array of design motifs and elements developed throughout the later half of the 20th century — and of course, the 21st century. What … Read more: What Does Contemporary Style Really Mean?

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Adding a dining area to your transitional kitchen is not the hardest interior design challenge you’ll face. However, there are a few things to consider if you want it to fit with your home’s overall theme. Here are a few pointers to help you: To fit into a transitional home, a dining area can contain either contemporary … Read more: Tips for Adding a Dining Area in Your Transitional Kitchen