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Source: Chrisicos Interiors

Moving is never simple, but it is an opportunity to start over in a new space that meets your needs and desires perfectly. Whether you are moving into a new home or your first, it is important to hire an interior designer to spearhead your decorating and design process. A good designer will take your … Read more: Moving to a New Home? 4 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer

Traditional Living Room

When you have an open floor plan, it’s important to use furnishings to create various zones throughout. Within your floor plan, you should create multiple seating areas so guests naturally congregate and the area feels balanced. When designing for an open floor plan, keep these seating area tips in mind. Use something concrete to divide … Read more: How to Design Multiple Seating Areas in an Open Floor Plan

Source: Chrisicos Interiors

Your coffee table should be more than a place to set your magazines and beverages. It should be a stylish centerpiece within your living room – a piece of decor that calls attention to itself and pulls the rest of your look together. Decorate your coffee tables appropriately to ensure it achieves this goal with … Read more: How to Style a Fabulous Coffee Table For Your Living Room

An Occasion for Style: Picking Out an Occasional Table

Small accent tables can make a lovely addition to your dining or living room. From wood to glass-topped, these tables come in many styles. They range in sizes from eight-inch stands just large enough for a single glass to larger surfaces that hold everything from periodicals to flower bouquets. When picking an accent table, consider … Read more: Pick the Perfect Accent Table for Any Style and Occasion

Sunbrella - upholstery

Your outdoor living space should be a place where you feel vibrant and connected to nature. Follow these tips for designing an outdoor space that’s both functional and attractive. Create texture and dimension. If you don’t use a variety of colors, patterns and textures in your outdoor design, it will feel plain and flat. Take … Read more: Create a Stunning Outdoor Space With Sunbrella Fabrics

Table with lamp and book

Books give any room a warm, inviting appeal. Stacked neatly on a coffee table, books give guests some insight into your interests and add a personalized touch. As an award-winning interior designer, I have always enjoyed decorating with books and using them in my photo shoots. It’s invigorating to discover new ways to incorporate my … Read more: Incorporate Books Into Your Boston Home Decor