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Coral Pillow

Beach decor does not have to look kitschy or tacky. Elegant beach decor, which incorporates elements of the coast with more elegant patterns and colors, is gaining popularity in interior design. One of the hallmarks of this decorating scheme is coral — both the color and the natural pattern. The Color Coral Coral has a … Read more: Elegant Beach Decor: Designing With Coral-Inspired Details

'Circus' by Gessica Silverman - Square-ish

If you’re looking for a stunning way to transform your space, consider working with a designer to create an interior design inspired by art. Works of art have an ability to evoke powerful emotions, and when you incorporate them into your space, the entire room seems to come alive. If you are an art enthusiast … Read more: Look to Art for Inspriation for Your Boston Interior Design

decorating with radiators

Every space presents its own design challenges, and in my own home, careful consideration was required to design around an old-fashioned radiator . However, just like a stylist knows how to pull a look together that fits their body type, I knew just how to make this unique quirk a part of my¬†elegant interior design. … Read more: Decorating Around Radiators in Older Homes


Time is money,¬†and the less time you have to spend decorating your home, the more money you will save. When you hire a professional interior designer near Boston, you know you are hiring someone with the skills and experience to keep your project on track and on budget. The best reason to hire a professional … Read more: Hiring a Professional Interior Designer Can Save You Money

interior design in Boston

The well-appointed room is about creating the perfect ambiance, capturing a style in its entirety, giving a room a purpose, impeccable accessorizing, and achieving the coveted “wow” factor. Designing a well-appointed room is about all of the elements of good interior design coming together. For example, this before-and-after project pictured to the right and below … Read more: The Transformational Effect of Well-Appointed Rooms


Custom interior design allows you to surround yourself in an environment that is comforting and relaxing. Of all the rooms in the home, the bedroom is where you will feel the impact of the experience the most. By utilizing custom headboards alongside textures and patterns in your bedding, you can turn your bedroom decor into … Read more: Custom Headboards for Personalized, Luxury Interior Design