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Source: Chrisicso Interiors

Decorating with color, especially vibrant ones can be challenging. Dark reds, rich browns, earthy greens, and bright yellows are rarely a first choice for wall colors. However, it is possible to create a stunning room with strong color using the following tips. A common concern with strong colors is that they will make the room … Read more: Color Theory 101: Strong Colors

Source: Chrisicos Interiors

Perhaps you’ve seen painterly patterns when browsing new decor for your home this season. One of the top pattern trends for 2016, painterly patterns are true art pieces that are filled with flowing color. Like paintings, some are abstract, while others depict real scenes and images. If you love the creative, eye-catching look of painterly … Read more: Incorporate Painterly Patterns into Your Beacon Hill Home


Transitional interior design in Boston is on the rise, especially in kitchens. To give your kitchen a look that walks the line between classic and modern, start by including these five elements: Natural Surfaces Natural materials are widely used in transitional kitchens. Granite, limestone and marble all make lovely countertops, both in terms of appearance … Read more: 5 Elements That Make a Stunning Transitional Kitchen

Michael Graves

On March 12th, 2015, a beautiful visionary in the field of architecture was laid to rest. Michael Graves, a Professor of Architecture Emeritus at Princeton University, passed away from natural causes at the age of 80. This dedicated educator and designer will not soon be forgotten, for his memory lives on in his contributions to … Read more: Michael Graves Influence Lives on in his Interior Design Styles

pop of color

During many of my projects in Boston and Manhattan, I often have to get creative with tight spaces, creating a room that is both functional and visually appealing. With any room, creating a sense of unity is important, but you also want a part of the space to stand out above the rest. This element … Read more: Focal Point Design Tips in The Boston Courant

tips for designing small rooms

In the final post on my series on interior design for older homes, let’s look at interior design tips for small rooms. My elegant dining room, pictured below, makes use of every surface to create drama and sophistication, but for many homeowners, creating this kind of impact in a small room can be a design … Read more: Tips to Turn a Small Room Into a Grand Living Space