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Entryway to a luxury home, interior design by Chrisicos Interiors

If you are planning on revamping the look of your foyer, remodeling your whole house, or you just want a few ideas on foyer design, you should take the exterior color of your house into consideration when designing your foyer’s look and feel. Our full-service designers can help you achieve a more harmonious balance between the … Read more: Should You Consider Your Home’s Exterior Color When Designing the Foyer?

4 Reasons You Should Invest in Artwork for Your Home

You might have a few pieces of art hanging on the walls of your home, but have you truly considered investing in quality pieces for your home? Investing in art for your home has several benefits, least of which is the fact that you’ll eventually have a beautiful and valuable collection of high-end work to showcase in … Read more: 4 Reasons You Should Invest in Artwork for Your Home

Create Storage in Your Existing Interior Design

As you settle into your home in Back Bay, Wellesley, or Downtown Boston, your possessions grow. It’s tempting to begin looking for a new home when this happens, but that isn’t always necessary; with a few unique storage solutions, you can create additional storage space you never knew existed. The key is to be inventive and … Read more: Create Storage in Your Existing Interior Design

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We all want our homes to look the best while suiting our needs and taste preferences. But too often, this is coupled with a need to keep up with each trend as it arises. In addition to being expensive and time-consuming, this approach can lead to your home being a mismatch of styles, looking nothing … Read more: How to Design a Space That is Timeless

Ways to Add Wallpaper to Your Stylish Interior Design

As an interior designer, I have been asked by many people if wallpaper is in style again. This is certainly a common question when they hear that I am working on a project involving wallpaper. I would have to say that designing with wallpaper isn’t all the rage in a major way, though some people do still choose … Read more: Ways to Add Wallpaper to Your Stylish Interior Design

Will Your Interior Design Style Evolve

I truly believe that as human beings we never stand still. We are constantly evolving in every aspect of our living, including in our design preferences. One of my many roles at Chrisicos Interiors is to help you understand how and why your tastes change and put this knowledge into ideas that you can use … Read more: Will Your Interior Design Style Evolve?