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This season’s color trends are an excellent place to start when choosing an interior color design scheme. I feel these are some spring/summer color trends in interior design to consider prior to your color consultation. Classic  White has maintained its appeal as a symbol of elegance and simplicity. However, this year white-on-white color schemes are particularly stylish. For … Read more: Color Trends: Consider these Fresh Hues in Your Color Consultation

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Color palettes are just as important in interior design as the furniture and accessories you choose or the layout of your room. It creates focal points, continuity and contrast, and it even colors your mood. Here are some of my favorite tips on using color in interior design: In my city condo project, referenced by … Read more: My Favorite Interior Design Tips for Color Palettes

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Take a look at what you’re wearing today. Does your outfit pop with color? Now take a look at your home interiors. Are your favorite colors reflected in this space, too? If not, it’s time to explore the options and create a harmonious living space with bolder colors that paint the story of who you … Read more: How to Saturate Your Home Interiors with Bold Colors

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore has a brand new, spring lineup of color trends for 2014 that are slated to become the new neutrals in interior paint. Slightly more bold than standard pastels, these colors consist of light, muted blues; peach; lavender; and other soft, yet colorful, paints. This shift to a more colorful palette brings a cheerful, … Read more: New Neutrals: Benjamin Moore’s 2014 Color Trends

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Current interior design color trends revolve strongly around a signature color, that special hue that is associated with you. As in the picture of this room I designed for a client where Hermes Orange is the signature bold accent, you’re impressed without being overwhelmed by such a vibrant choice. Letting upholstery identify that signature color is … Read more: Pin Down Your Bold, Signature Color in Your Upholstery


Though you might have all of the ideas and resources in the world to pour into your remodeling project, occasionally the time just isn’t there. If you have guests coming or you simply want to modernize and update your bedroom, look no further than adding a simple pop of color. Neutrals: If your home has a … Read more: Modernize Your Bedroom with One Simple Change: Color