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Chandelier hanging over Dining Table

The simple yet classic look of the 1950s, known as Mid-Century modern design, is becoming increasingly popular and you can easily include it in your lighting scheme. There are so many gorgeous and versatile mid-century lighting options that coordinate well in rooms with a transitional appeal. Glass Globes Simple geometric elements are central to the … Read more: Bring Mid-Century into Your Interior Design With Stylish Lighting Options


The way you light your home has a profound effect on its overall look. From the brightness you choose to where the lights are placed, lighting your home takes a bit of planning and thought. Here are four strategies to guide you in the right direction: Use multiple layers of light. Include ambient lighting from … Read more: 4 Useful Tips to Light Your Home Right

Living Room

When discussing interior design, the word “contemporary” is used by both experts and the uninformed. But what does contemporary style really mean? Rather than one specific look, contemporary style encompasses a wide array of design motifs and elements developed throughout the later half of the 20th century — and of course, the 21st century. What … Read more: What Does Contemporary Style Really Mean?

Use Timeless, Contemporary Light Fixtures in Your Design

Lighting is an essential part of any room design. It completes a room and sets different moods that complement the room’s purpose. Adding contemporary light fixtures to your transitional design creates a fresh look without making it lose its timeless elegance. I used these contemporary lighting trends in Manhattan and Newton Victorian projects to develop a … Read more: Use Timeless, Contemporary Light Fixtures in Your Design