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Source: Greg Premru

The television has become an essential part of any living room, but how can you make it look like part of your decor? Here are some ideas for decorating around your TV. Make it part of a gallery wall. Framed pictures surrounding the television can make it appear to be just another one of those … Read more: 5 Beautiful Ways to Decorate Around Your Entertainment System


Elle Decor has long been one of my favorite shelter magazines. I recently had the opportunity to listen to the magazine’s editor, Michael Boodro, speak at Boston Design Week. The experience was both educational and fulfilling as Michael is a great conversationalist and very adept at working with people. While sitting back in an upholstered … Read more: Michael Boodro Talks About Custom Interiors at Boston Design Week

Customization is the New Interior Design Trend for 2015

As we move into 2015, my colleagues and I at Chrisicos Interiors have found that we have conversations about customization as a design tool that we enjoy offering to our clients. I’ve individually designed and implemented this for our clients throughout 2014 and feel thisĀ has become a trendĀ in the profession that we will see more … Read more: Customization is the New Interior Design Trend for 2015