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Source: Greg Premru

The television has become an essential part of any living room, but how can you make it look like part of your decor? Here are some ideas for decorating around your TV. Make it part of a gallery wall. Framed pictures surrounding the television can make it appear to be just another one of those … Read more: 5 Beautiful Ways to Decorate Around Your Entertainment System

Bradley Custom Furniture

If you’re searching for items and accessories that perfectly match your needs for comfort, style and color, custom furniture design is the ideal choice. Here are a few factors to keep in mind when embarking on the process of designing your dream sofa, chair, table or dining set. Take time into account. Since your item will … Read more: Considering Custom Furniture? Here’s What You Need to Know

Area Rug

The right area rug can warm up and balance a space in the most subdued and natural of ways. For an ultra luxury interior design, a Tibetan custom area rug is the perfect choice. The size, shape and style can be carefully selected to perfectly suit your room. What is a Tibetan area rug? Tibetan … Read more: Add Warmth to Your Boston Home with Tibetan Custom Area Rugs

playroom copy

I love to help my clients realize their interior design dreams. Almost all of us desire and need a functional, aesthetically-pleasing storage space, and the well-designed and thought-out, built-in cabinet pictured at the right fulfills both purposes. The open storage with fixed shelves for strength puts everything within easy reach. Although this particular cabinet pulled … Read more: Functional and Aesthetic Storage Solutions for Interiors


In my years of interior design experience in Boston, I’ve helped clients from all walks of life create the home or pied-à-terre of their dreams. Many of the homes I’ve designed needed to accommodate the kids, too, and clients  constantly think they need to forgo their modern interior design vision in lieu of the little … Read more: My Top 5 Tips for Modern Interior Design for Families

drapery panels on high ceilings

Drapery panels are the frame to a room, the final touch for a polished look and the love of my life. These flowing additions not only provide practical interior design solutions to a space but also make grand statements; they can be the difference between a pretty room and a well-appointed room. When it comes … Read more: Benefits of Drapery Panel Decor, the Love of My Life