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This season’s color trends are an excellent place to start when choosing an interior color design scheme. I feel these are some spring/summer color trends in interior design to consider prior to your color consultation. Classic  White has maintained its appeal as a symbol of elegance and simplicity. However, this year white-on-white color schemes are particularly stylish. For … Read more: Color Trends: Consider these Fresh Hues in Your Color Consultation

What's Involved in Our Full Design Services in Boston

Whether it’s a Brookline estate, your Back Bay townhome or a penthouse overlooking the Charles; Chrisicos Interiors provides full design services in Boston. We’re an award-winning firm that has created thousands of distinctive and luxurious interiors where people love to live. Whether you need a complete makeover or just something new for one room; I am dedicated to creating an interior that perfectly reflects your … Read more: What’s Involved in Our Full Design Services in Boston

The Benefits of Luxury Turnkey Design Services

If you live in another city and will be moving into a new home in the Boston area, you might not have a lot of time to work hands-on with an interior designer and choose every furnishing and fixture. This is where turnkey design in Boston becomes a great choice. Turnkey design services are perfect … Read more: The Benefits of Luxury Turnkey Design Services


Perhaps you would like to maximize your space by designing a room for multiple purposes. For instance, a dining room can double as a work space, an office as a library, and so forth. To do so with style, make note of the following multi-purpose room design ideas: Design your living room to be guest friendly. … Read more: How to Design a Room for More Than One Purpose

modern storage ideas

When I design rooms with kids in mind, I relish the opportunity to play with color, texture, and shapes in ways that are as imaginative as my client’s children. However, as kids quickly grow, transitioning from coloring books to movie nights with friends, their space in the home needs to grow, too. Designing a playroom, bedroom, or other … Read more: My Design Ideas for a Room to Grow with the Kids

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I love to help my clients realize their interior design dreams. Almost all of us desire and need a functional, aesthetically-pleasing storage space, and the well-designed and thought-out, built-in cabinet pictured at the right fulfills both purposes. The open storage with fixed shelves for strength puts everything within easy reach. Although this particular cabinet pulled … Read more: Functional and Aesthetic Storage Solutions for Interiors